1994 Factory was founded and started manufacturing Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries. 
1999 Set up the Ni-MH production line and started manufacturing Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in
1999 Dongguan factory. The main series were AAA and AA.
2000 Built industrial district in Jiangsu, The new factory covered an area of 5,000 m square metre.
2000 The products extended to A, Sc,C and D series, etc.
2001 Registered trade mark ® " Xtra-Power " as a global brand name for batteries business.
2003 Signed an agreement with the suppliers of positive and negative materials to develop
2003 high capacity alloy power and Nickle foam together. Also obtained the certificate of
TUV ISO 9001: 2000 in the same year.
2005 The industrial park in Jiangsu was laid a foundation, the total industrial park area: 30,000 m
2005 square metre. Estimated output at the first stage: 6000k/month.
2006 Jiangsu factory started to develop and research the Li-Polymer battery.
2007 Jiangsu factory moved in the new industrial park. In the same year, established the R & D
2007 centre for the LiFePO4 battery project.Our Factory was awarded Hi-tech. and outstanding
2007 enterprises by Jiangsu province.
2009 Obtained the UL certificate. Meanwhile, ALLFINE lithium energy company ltd.
2009 (Anhui province) started to produce the cylinderical lithium ion batteries.
2010 Jiangsu factory was chosen to be " LiFePo4 battery engineering technology study centre.
2010 of " Huai an city ".
2011 Jiangsu factory was awarded national Hi-tech enterprises.
2015 Set up production line in Jiangmen,started to manufacturing Li-Mno2, this technology meets
2015 the thirsty of higher energy demand by eletric meter and dominate in domestic market.
2016 Mass manufactured much higher capacity of CR123A, CR2 batteries, obtained the UL
2016 certificate in the same time.